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Only the Efficient Will Survive

Unrelenting competition is the new norm. ONly those who adapt quickly will survive.

Is your Sales and Marketing efficient enough to keep your company in the game?

Acquiring and retaining customers is harder than ever. So is growing market share and protecting margins with smaller budgets. What got you this far in sales and marketing won't help you meet today's targets or position you for long-term growth in a dramatically changing landscape.

  • sales cycles are growing longer
  • deal size and margins are shrinking
  • more decision makers are better informed with more options
  • customers demand you know their challenges better
  • sales and marketing costs are ballooning

Smarter companies are rethinking their strategy of just hiring more sales people. They're also investing in sales and marketing efficiency programs to grow revenues faster with lower sales costs.

Targeting and segmented messaging are the leading drivers of sales and marketing efficiecy

High quality account and contact information gives your team direct, instant access to all the right targets. It lets them spend more time building relationships with key people, not looking for them.

In fact, targeting is the number one driver of sales efficiency and ROI. The more precise, comprehensive and current your information on targets, the better you can serve existing accounts, nurture leads and develop new business.

Better target information also lets you create more relevant messaging for each market segment. Segmented messaging speeds up the sales process, improving efficiency and reducing sales cycles by 24%.

EMAT - Premium Business Contact Information

By providing Premium Business Contact Information for Latin America, EMAT allows you to navigate the Changing Sales Landscape; increasing sales efficiencies and reducing sales cycles. Click here to learn more about EMAT.

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