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About EMAT

EMAT was launched in 2009 as the Latin America data division of ELEVATE, providing premium company and contact information in the region.

As an emerging market, Latin America & Caribbean (CALA) presents many opportunities for companies looking to grow, however the accessibility to high quality company and contact information needed to leverage the region is often lacking.

Data acquisition and sourcing through the traditional methods were considered either inaccurate, incomplete or cost prohibitive, and organizations still couldn’t keep up with the constant change of executives and industry changes that were happening in the market.

Using over 19 years of experience in identifying key decision makers ELEVATE developed EMAT to help companies quickly identify all of the key decision makers they need to contact across the Latin American & Caribbean regions.

The first product was EMAT for Telecoms which provides unlimited access to every Communication Service Provider (CSP) in the region constantly up-to-date, with over 3,700 key decision maker contacts being updated constantly by our team of dedicated researchers.

After the first successful year, EMAT quickly expanded into other industry verticals and now is the premium provider of high quality contact and company information across the region.

EMAT uses exactly the same principles that made ELEVATE the #1 choice for the worlds leading Consulting and Technology firms. Read more about Think ELEVATE.

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